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Double Trails - Chapter Eighteen
This is a work of gay erotic fiction. If you are offended by such material or if you are not allowed access to it under the laws where you live, please exit now. This work is copyrighted by the author and may not be copied or distributed in any form without the written permission of the author.
Chapter Nineteen
- Tracer --
"I'll have the rib eye, medium-rare, with the garlic mashed
potatoes and steamed broccoli," I told the waiter.
The waiter looked at Will. "I'll have the fried chicken with
coleslaw and applesauce," he explained.
"How about the fish and chips with a side salad?" Erik
"Hmmm, the rib eye sounds good. I'll have that medium, with
fries and green beans," Ryan added.
"I'll bring out fresh bread in just a Bbs Nn Preteenz moment," the waiter
As the waiter left, Ryan turned toward Will and exclaimed, "Congratulations
to the star catcher!"
"It's a team effort," Will said defensively.
"Well, you're the one that hit the game-winning homer," I
replied. "I can be the proud big brother!"
"Seven and `O'," Ryan continued. "Ya'll might make it to the
state championships if you keep it up!"
"I'll be glad to just win district. I don't want to push our
luck dreaming of more!" Will answered.
Erik and I had made an effort to go to all of Will's home
games. We'd gotten to see them win four games, and the local paper was already
talking about the team being a state champion contender.
Will had confided in me that being on the team meant a lot
to him. His position on the team, and the level Bbs Nn Preteenz
of play he'd had to Bbs Nn Preteenz
date, had
done a lot to help him fit in at school. He finally felt he wasn't riding
Ryan's coattails to popularity.
"How about `To a Winning Season'?" Will threw out.
"Deal!" Erik and Ryan replied in unison.
"So, two college acceptance letters for each of you so far. A
great start. Any thoughts on where you want to go?" Erik asked Ryan and Will.
"Dad, we've only heard from North Carolina AT and
Bluefield State." Ryan sounded a bit irritated.
"And your point?"
"Dad, we've been over this before. We're going to Virginia
Tech unless we both don't get accepted there. And don't start on the idea of us
going to different schools."
Will took his cue from Ryan and said, "Erik, Ryan's right. We've
agreed that Tech has programs for both of us. We did what you asked, we looked
at other schools -- even ones that neither of us had any interest in. We're not
interested in places like UVA, VCU or William and Mary."
"I know, but you did like the other schools you saw when
Tracer took the two of you touring in December," Erik responded.
"We liked AT a lot. Bluefield was nice, but I think
Tech would be better," Ryan answered.
"I guess I always knew you'd end up at Tech," Erik
commented. "You've been a Hokie fan since you were a little boy."
"Tech has a program for both of us," Will added.
"So you've decided on a major?" I asked Will.
"Yeah. If I get accepted, I'm going into the agriculture and
applied economics program," he replied.
"That's the same program as Ryan," Erik responded.
"Yeah, but we're looking at different specialties," Ryan
"Oh?" I asked.
"Yeah, I'm doing agri-finance and Ryan's doing agri-management,"
Will answered.
"Oh, big difference," Erik added sarcastically.
"Dad!" Ryan started. Bbs Nn Preteenz He gave Erik a bit of a nasty look.
"Will wants to be ready to help run the farm once we graduate."
Deciding to tease them both, I added, "Oh? You're coming
back in four years?"
The conversation devolved into a series of not too witty and
somewhat sarcastic teasing remarks. I'd known a long time that Will and Ryan were
planning to come back to the farm once they graduated. That had been Ryan's
plan for years -- Will just added it to his life plan after he committed to
staying with Ryan.
After we'd finished our entrees, the waiter returned.
"Anyone save room for dessert?" he asked.
"With these three bottomless pigs? What all do you have this
evening?" Erik asked.
"We have a death-by-chocolate cake, coconut cake, lemon
meringue pie, chocolate mousse pie and a hot fudge sundae," the waiter
"I'll take Bbs Nn Preteenz a slice of the chocolate mousse pie," Erik
"Make it two," Ryan added.
"Three," Will followed.
"And you?" the waiter said turning to me.
"I hate to follow the crowd; I'll have the
death-by-chocolate cake."
"Certainly," the waiter said and quickly left.
The desserts were delicious, but we got home later than
Ryan and Will both headed towards the stairs.
"Night, Guys," Erik called out after them.
"Night!" they both replied.
"Ready for bed?" Erik asked me after the boys disappeared.
"Not really," I replied. "After all that food, it's too soon."
I led Erik into the den and grabbed the remote.
"In the mood for something specific?" I asked.
"South Park should be on Comedy Central," he replied.
We settled down and watched the show. As always we were
laughing hard enough to make our sides hurt. It actually made cuddling up with
each other impossible. Instead we ended up with our heads at opposite ends of
the sofa and our legs tangled. As the show neared the end, I started yawning as
much or more than I laughed.
"Stop yawning so much!" Erik teased me.
"Sorry, I am finally sleepy."
"Well, Cartman's been foiled again. Why don't we go to bed."
I shut off the TV and followed Erik to the bedroom. We both
followed our normal preparations and climbed under the covers.
Erik rolled to face me. "Night," he said. He followed Bbs Nn Preteenz this with
a quick kiss.
"Night," I responded once the kiss had ended. We snuggled up
and drifted off into the world of sleep.
The following week, a lot of people were calling the weather
an Indian Summer. It was unusually warm, for early April, with temperatures
going into the mid-eighties each afternoon. The evenings were crisp and cool with
lows in the upper-fifties.
Unfortunately, I was stuck in the office! Again!
Throughout January, February and March, Erik had spent many
hours teaching me the ins and outs of running the business. The preparations started
well in advance of Erik's second surgery and I was able to handle all the
office work while Randy kept things running out in the stables. Erik continued
the lessons after he recovered.
Originally, I figured Erik would return to running the
office full-time once he'd recovered. Instead, he put me in the office in
increasing amounts until we'd reached a fifty-fifty split. I couldn't blame him
as he'd been handling all the office work solo for years.
This fine Friday morning, after dealing with orders and
making sure the invoices that we'd received were ready for Janet, I walked out
to the stables to see how I could pitch in with the manual work.
Dr. Cranston was in the first stall examining one of the
"Morning, Doc. How's things today?" I asked.
"Good. Good. I love coming out here and Bbs Nn Preteenz getting away from
all the dogs and cats. It's a nice change of pace for me."
"I can imagine," I replied. "See any problems today?"
"Nothing special, but I've only checked about half the
horses so far," he answered.
"Well, that's good to hear. Can I get you anything?"
"Nope. Hank just went off to get a couple things for me. I'm
just waiting for him to return."
"OK. Have a great morning if I don't see you again before
you leave."
"Thanks, Tracer. You too," he replied.
I wandered on and found Randy and Erik in conversation. They
turned to me as I approached.
"Office work done?" Erik asked.
"Yup. So what should I start working on?"
"Can you do a muck run through the trails?" Randy asked.
"Oh, joy!" I said with mock glee. "Sure, no problem."
I walked over to the barn and hitched up the cart to the
ATV. I headed out to the outer trail and kept my eyes peeled for muck. As the usage
of the paths was light of late, there wasn't much to clean up; however, it
still took me nearly two hours to cover both trails.
As I pulled the ATV up to the barn, I noticed Janet's car
pulling into the parking area. I walked over to chat.
"Morning, I mean afternoon, Janet."
"I guess it is afternoon, isn't it."
I smiled. "To what do we owe the pleasure?"
"Taxes. I'm trying to get everything done for filing," she
"You finished your own taxes?"
"Yeah, two nights ago. Mine are very easy -- income,
withholding, refund," I answered.
"Want me to review them for you?"
"That's not necessary."
"If they are truly that easy, it won't take me that long. Go
get them and I'll do them while I'm here."
"If you're sure."
I took off into the house to grab my tax forms. I'd stored
them in one of my dresser drawers since I didn't want anyone in the office to
stumble upon them. After our first anniversary, Erik had raised my salary to
five hundred a week. I'd fussed with him that it was too much as I didn't
really have any expenses. He just ignored me, which had frustrated me at the
time. At this point, at least, I felt that I was doing enough to earn my salary
-- well almost.
When I got back down to the office, Janet was reviewing
papers with Erik.
"Just set them there," Janet said. "I'll look at them when
I'm done reviewing this with Erik."
"Might as well pull up a chair, Bub. I want you in on this
too. Time to learn more fun things about running a business."
As Janet reviewed different aspects of the farm's tax
return, I kept Bbs Nn Preteenz being surprised. I had no idea how much money moved through the
farm. I guess if I'd ever sat down and added things up, I wouldn't have been
After the review was done, Janet had Erik sign a bunch of
places. I stood up to leave as she started to go over Erik's personal tax
"Where you going?" he asked.
"These are your taxes, Erik."
"Well, I can't marry you and file jointly, but there are no
secrets here."
Once again, I was surprised at what Erik earned. He actually
paid himself a lot less than I expected. He must have seen the puzzled
expression on my face.
"I have the company invest most of the profits into the
farm. I don't need a big salary -- the house is paid off and we live a simple
life," he explained. "If we need more, I can always give myself a raise!"
"True," I laughed.
Janet finished her review of Erik's finances and then picked
up mine. She spent a few minutes reviewing my very basic forms.
"Trace, it looks like you did everything correctly. Have you
thought about investing some of your earnings?" she asked.
"I was thinking about opening a savings account at the bank
so I could earn a bit of interest," I replied. "My checking account is about to
burst -- Erik doesn't let me Bbs Nn Preteenz spend much on the household and mostly I just buy
presents for folks.
"Honey, what have you got in your checking account?"
I told her what I thought the balance was and she looked at
me with a wild look in her eye.
"Monday morning, you come down to the office. I'll review
some basic investing options with you -- IRA, money market, Bbs Nn Preteenz CDs, etc. You need
to start saving for retirement!"
"Retirement," I chuckled. "I'm only twenty!"
"Always a good time to start! Just come down on Monday."
"OK," I relented. "I'll be in for some other business Monday
after lunch and will swing by."
"Janet you're one motherly woman," Erik interjected.
"With five boys and two girls, you best believe I've a fully
developed mothering instinct!"
"How do you keep up with them and your own business?" I
"I love being busy!"
We talked for a while about Janet's children. I'd never
realized that Janet was sixty. I knew all her children had left home.
"Trace, Honey, I've got a grandson that's graduating from
high school this June."
"He's in school with Ryan and Bbs Nn Preteenz Will?" I asked, confused.
"No, my daughter and her husband are out in Arizona. I'm
going to fly out for his graduation."
"That's great," Erik put in.
"I'm really looking forward to it."
Janet left a short time later. After she left, I turned to
"What do you think about this retirement savings stuff?"
"I think it's a great idea. Why?"
"I don't know. I'm only twenty, it feels kinda early."
"Look. Planning for your future only makes sense. You never
know what's going to happen. You could decide to leave me. I could lose the
farm. You just don't know."
"Um, OK, but you have to know that I don't want any of those
things to happen."
"Sometimes you don't get a choice. Anyway, it's just smart
to be prepared. Maybe you'll have so much money that you and I can buy an
island to retire on."
"Yeah, right!"
I leaned forward and kissed Erik as the door to the Bbs Nn Preteenz office
"Get a room!" Will jeered as he and Ryan came inside.
"Now that sounds like a great idea!" Erik replied.
"Ewwwww. Bad pictures in my mind!" Ryan teased.
"What? Tracer's a handsome guy!" Erik pushed on.
"Yeah, and you're my dad!" Ryan pushed right back.
Erik threw his arm around Ryan's shoulder. "Love ya,
"Love you too, Dad."
"Time to get back to work," I interjected.
"That it is. You two have lots of homework?" Erik asked.
"Not a bit, it's the start of spring break and they were
good about not crushing us!" Will explained.
"Nice of them. Y'all got plans for the evening?" Erik asked.
"Nothing special," Ryan replied.
"Why don't you two take care of fixing dinner for around six
o'clock. Maybe the four of us can go into town and see a movie this evening."
Erik suggested.
"Sounds good," Will agreed.
With that, Erik and I turned and walked out to the stables
to try and finish up work for the evening. Ryan and Will fixed an excellent
dinner and we did get into town to see a movie.
With Will and Ryan out of school for the week, Erik and I had
a bit of a cushion on the workload. I didn't feel guilty Bbs Nn Preteenz spending an hour with
Janet going over different options. She convinced me to open an IRA and a money
market savings account. She talked me through what to do and then sent me to
the bank to open everything.
I was gone about four hours in total that afternoon. When I
pulled up to the house, the skies opened up and I was drenched just getting from
the truck to the backdoor. Standing in the kitchen, I debated running out to
the barn to see if anyone needed help or going upstairs for dry clothing. I
chose dry clothing.
Before I could go upstairs, Erik, Will and Ryan came barging
through the back door, completely soaked. All of us ended up stripping down to
our underwear so we wouldn't track water across the wood floors up to the bedroom.
Dumping their wet clothes in a pile, Will and Ryan ran for
their bedroom. I couldn't help but notice how much more muscular Ryan had
gotten since I'd seen him in the hotel room in Memphis so long ago. I guess
he'd been working out with Will at the school gym.
I gathered up all the wet clothes and threw the pile down
the basement stairs. I'd do the laundry later. I followed Erik up to our
bedroom and into the bathroom. The bathroom began to fill with steam as the
water in the shower heated up. I joined Erik in the shower.
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This is Chapter Nineteen of Double Trails. I hope everyone enjoys reading the story as much as I enjoy writing it. I look forward to positive comments, constructive criticisms and otherwise pleasantly worded feedback.� Questions about the story are also welcome! I try to answer every e-mail I receive. Flames and attacks will be ignored and the sender's address blocked. Write me at
Thanks to Rock and Chael for all their comments, feedback and most importantly all the editing. Their skill and effort have polished this story greatly.

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